About RN Law – Specialist in-house lawyers

We are specialist in-house lawyers providing leading legal advisors for businesses across the UK.

RN-Law is not like a traditional firm of solicitors

Firms of solicitors with which you will be familiar are set up to provide specialist legal services to clients in a way that suits the provider’s business model but not necessarily your business needs.

RN-Law is a bespoke General Counsel/Legal Consultancy that is set up to provide legal services to clients in a way that meets real business needs

Our model is based on the tried and trusted role of the in-house lawyer, a model to which our lawyers have operated for many years, working as lawyers on the inside of a range of well-known and successful companies and established law firms.

The advice we give is from a business perspective and is highly cost-effective

In fact, your legal affairs are your business. They cover all of your key relationships – with your clients, your suppliers, your employees, your joint venture partners, your shareholders, your regulators and other third parties. If you are not looking after these relationships you are not looking after your business and eventually it will suffer.

Your legal affairs need to be controlled in two phases:

Phase 1 – Understand your legal affairs and organise them.

Phase 2 – Take action to resolve your legal issues and use the appropriate legal resource for this.

RN-Law offers the best solution for Phase 1, which involves assessing your legal affairs across the board – you will need an in-house lawyer to do this.

Phase 2 may involve dealing with your legal issues internally, which we can do for you, or using and working alongside a specialist lawyer that we will be able to work closely with, which we can appoint and manage for you.

The difference between traditional law firms and RN-Law

Solicitors firms are set up to provide businesses with specialist legal advice delivered by solicitors who are expert in particular areas of practice.

They are invariably good at what they do, i.e. providing advice on one area of the law, but they can be expensive and will use more than one lawyer if you need legal advice across a range of legal issues. You should therefore only use them when the time is right and in a way that enables you to manage their fees.

RN-Law is different because we use one lawyer to oversee all of your legal affairs – we are specialist in-house lawyers giving you the advice you need from one affordable source. We will bring our experience of working as in-house lawyers for blue chip companies to your business.

Cost-effective and complete transparency

For those companies that need easy access to the best business-minded legal advice as they grow and change, RN-LAW is the optimum solution – a transparent, cost-effective way of embedding a specialist lawyer within your organisation.

What our clients have to say…

We used RN Law to deal with my company requirements, I found them nothing short of outstanding, and the alternative options my company were provided with was refreshing. Their knowledge, expertise, quality of work and attention to detail in provi…
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